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Common Concrete Mixes

All Mix Kent can supply the following concrete mix types which are suitable for the following applications.

Concrete Mix Types
Typical Applications
C10 - GEN 1 Lean Mix
C15 - GEN2 Kerb Mix, Single Story Extension, Shed Base
C20 - GEN 3 - ST1 Single Story Extension, Hard Standing Light Traffic, Foot traffic Pathways, Oversite, Domestic House Floors
C25 - RC25/30 - ST2 Double Story Extension, Domestic Hard Standing
C30 - RC28/35 - ST3, PAV 1 Industrial Hard Standing, Structural Footings, Raft Foundations
C35 - RC35/45 - ST4, PAV 2 FND 2Hard Standing Industrial Heavy Traffic, Raft foundations
C40/50, RC40/50, ST4, FND 2Heavy Industrial, Structural Road Work, Form Work, Stable Floors and Yards

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